Events and networking are crucial to reaching out to our community and showcasing our role models. 

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Past Events

28-30 September 2020 // European Cybersecurity Forum (Cybersec)

15-16 September 2020 // ICT Spring Europe's European Security Forum (ESF) (The Cybersecurity Summit)

8 June 2020 //  European DIGITAL SME Alliance’s Live Series, Online Conversation on “Women in Cyber: How to pave the way for cyber skills?” 

11 June 2020 // Forum Europe's Cyber Security Summer Hub 2020, Online discussion panel " The Future of the Cyber Security Industry: What will be the necessary human skill set?"

3 March 2020// Command Control the European cybersecurity summit, Panel on the Women4Cyber Role Model Programme #SpotlightW4C

21 November 2019 // Basque Cybersecurity Day “European Women4Cyber: Role models to reduce the talent shortage"

30 Oct 2019 // European Cybersecurity Forum, CyberSec Women

29 October 2019 // European Cyber Security Month, Workshop "CyberEDU: engaging in building up cyber skills for all"

23 October 2019 // SBS Forum on ICT standards for SMEs - "EU's Cybersecurity Act and the impact on SMEs" 

24 Sep 2019 // Cybertech Europe 2019, Women4Cyber panel

23 Sep 2019 // Women4Cyber panel discussion at the Italian Parliament “CYBER EQUALITY: Opportunities for women in the cyberspace and in high-tech professions” 

20 Sep 2019 // 3e Édition du Colloque SECNUMECO en Bretagne pour la Sensibilisation, l’Education et la Formation à la Sécurité économique et numérique, Presentation of Women4Cyber by Council Member Anne Le Hénanff (in French)

17 Sep 2019 // Joint workshop with Concordia “Women in Cyber – a Manifesto for TODAY” 

19 August 2019 // ditact_women´s IT summer studies “Keynote and opening speech on Women4Cyber”

1 July 2019 // CONNECT University Summer School 2019 “Cybersecurity in an age of Digital Transformation”

25 June 2019 // CyberWomen 2019 “Cyberwomen 2019: Event für Frauen der IT-Sicherheit”

6 June 2019 // Paris Cyber Week 2019 “Lunch-Debate with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel” (in French)

7 May 2019 // #STEMintheCity by Municipality of Milan, “Women4Cyber” (in Italian)

14 March 2019 // Voix de la Cyber, “Enjeux européens en matière de cyber Initiative Women4Cyber” (in French)

12 March 2019 // Vienna Cyber Security Week “The Role of Gender in Cyberspace”

8 March 2019 // European Commission DG DIGIT’s Cyber Aware Programme “Spotlight on Women in Cyber”

20 Feb 2019 // European Cybersecurity Forum - CYBERSEC 2019