The Women4Cyber Mari Kert - Saint Aubyn Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting, encouraging, and supporting the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity. 

Mission of the Foundation:

Identify and link the community: contacts, visibility and networking

  • Identify the Community: Build a structured database of women in cybersecurity
  • Link the Community: provide visibility, help raise the voices of women through print and social media, as well as conferences for networking

Develop & grow the community: awareness, education, training and job market

  • Create awareness and promote best practices
  • Enhance female participation in cyber education
  • Promote visible Role Models
  • Promote tailored training programmes for entry, up-skilling or re-skilling in cybersecurity
  • Enhance the presence of women on the cybersecurity job market
  • Increase the presence of women in cybersecurity Research & Innovation
  • Get more women involved in cyber challenges & exercises

Shape local, national, EU policy and actions with the support of the Women4Cyber network

  • Support and shape policies at EU and national level that are in line with Women4Cyber’s messages

Work and grow the initiative together: structuring the community

  • Set up a dynamic and sustainable Women4Cyber structure

Official details of the Foundation:

Legal name
Women4Cyber Mari Kert - Saint Aubyn Foundation

Founded on
23 September 2019

Legal address
Rue Ducale 29, 1000 Brussels

Registration number

Banking details
Belfius Bank
BE73 0689 3639 2860

Office address
Rue Ducale 29, 1000 Brussels



Luigi Rebuffi
Secretary General

Nina Olesen

Saskia Brugman G-Abril
Operational Coordinator

Elena Drago
Junior Manager

Activities of the Foundation are governed by the Administration Body:

Anett Madi-Nator

  • Vice-President, Cyber Services Plc
  • President, Women4Cyber Foundation

Karin Kivimäe

  • Vice President and Treasurer, Women4Cyber Foundation

Elena Santiago Cid

  • Director General, CEN-CENELEC
  • Vice President, Women4Cyber Foundation

Luigi Rebuffi

  • Founder & Secretary General, European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)
  • Founder & Secretary General, Women4Cyber Foundation

Martin Ruubel

  • Founder & Vice President, Women4Cyber Foundation

The strategic objectives and actions of the Foundation are supported by the Women4Cyber Council, an ad-hoc advisory body:

Ana Ayerbe
TECNALIA, Head of TRUSTECH Business Area, Spain

Domitilla Benigni
Elettronica SpA, COO &  CY4GATE SpA, President,  Italy

Lorena Boix Alonso
Director for Digital Society, Trust & Cybersecurity at DG CONNECT, European Commission, Spain

Barbara Carminati
University of Insubria / CONCORDIA Pilot, Associate Professor, Italy

Maria Manuela Catrina
State Secretary Ministry of Communication and Informational Society, Romania

Nunzia Ciardi 
Ministry of Interior, Director of Department of Public Security Postal and Communications Police Service, Italy

Phédra Clouner
Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB), Deputy Director, Belgium

Roberta Cocco
Advisor to the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition - Italy

Valéria Faure-Muntian 
National Assembly, Member of Parliament, France

Rita Forsi 
Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE), Director General (formerly), Italy


We do not currently have any open positions

Eva Fogelström
Director Security Research Ericsson, Sweden 

Lise Fuhr
European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO), Director General, Denmark 

Elena García Díez
INDRA, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Spain

Selene Giupponi               Resecurity, Managing Director, Italy

Charlotte Graire
Airbus Defence & Space, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, France  

Coralie Heritier 
Senior advisor Transformation and Change Management, ATOS , France  

Barbara Kluge 
Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, Deputy Head of the DG Cyber and Information Security, Germany

Lucila Kominsky  
S21Sec, VP Strategic Marketing, Spain/Argentina  

Dahila Kownator  
President of Capsule Conseil and Colonel of the French Air Force and Space Reserve, France   

Anne Le Henanff 
Municipality of Vannes, Deputy Mayor for Communication and Digital, France


Martina Lisická
Director of External Relations and NSA Office Deputy Director - National Security Authority, Slovakia 

Liga Rozentale
Microsoft, Senior Director and Team Lead, EU Policy on Cybersecurity and Security of Emerging Technologies, Corporate, Legal & External Affairs (CELA),  Latvia

Christine Skropke 
Secunet Security Networks AG, Head of Public Affairs, Germany

Rayna Stamboliyska      Cybersecurity executive & author, Bulgaria/France

Zeina Zakhour                             
ATOS, Global CTO - Atos Cybersecurity, France

Jelena Zelenovic Matone
Senior Unit Head, Op. Risk & CISO EIB & W4C Luxembourg 

Inga Zukauskiene
Ministry of National Defense & W4C Lithuania

Judith  Wunschik
CISO of Siemens Energy, Germany

Maria Manuela Catrina
Former Romanian State Secretary, Ministry of Communication and Informational Society, Director of the European School Ovidiu Sincai

In memoriam, Mari Kert - St Aubyn

The Women4Cyber Foundation is named after Mari Kert - St Aubyn, who is an embodiment of what women can achieve in the cybersecurity domain, both in public and private sectors, and who sadly lost the long fight against cancer in spring 2019.

We miss you and always remember!