W4C Mentorship

6th Edition – 2024-25

 Mentorship helps career success. The Women4Cyber Mentorship programmes are designed to help women improve their skills and advance their cybersecurity careers at all levels

Sponsored by:

This mentorship program is part of Gen’s Pledge to the European Commission to close the cybersecurity gender gap by supporting women’s careers.

To learn more about Gen’s commitments, read the full pledge through the following link.



One-on-One Mentoring
6 months 
September 2024 – February 2025

    The programme will last 6 months, starting in September 2024. It will be held online through a mentoring platform (PushFar) and in English.

    The W4C Team will select mentees after completing an online application process, and each mentee will be assigned to a mentor based on their experience and career goals.

    The programme includes access to monthly webinars on career progression

    The Programme is free for the participants thanks to kind volunteers and Gen Digital support.

    The programmes are carried out in collaboration with industry partners. The partnering entities provide volunteer mentors (women and men of all levels) to the W4C programme. Thanks to these companies and mentors, we were able to offer every participant the guidance they were looking for. To partner with us, or learn more, get in touch at mentorship@women4cyber.eu or through the form below.


     Now, thanks to the launch of Road2Cyber, participants will also access:

    • Training resources, discounts and scholarships
    • Cybersecurity job vacancies
    • A talent pool you can register to, to be contacted by employers


    As you know, navigating a cybersecurity career is not always easy and we face some obstacles, and challenges along the road. We also know that you not only made it through but that you thrived! No matter where you are in your cybersecurity career, your guidance, support, and expertise will make a difference in someone’s life. The commitment is minimal (1-2 hours a month), but the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives is invaluable!

    What we expect of Mentors:

    • Commit to the 6-month programme
    • Meet with the assigned mentee in a virtual setting once a month (or more),
    • Participate in periodic surveys and programme dissemination efforts (voluntary)


    Whoever and wherever you are in your cybersecurity career, the Women4Cyber ​​community is here to support you as you move forward. We are all lifelong learners and engaging in a genuine mentoring relationship can only help you hone your professional development skills, stay focused on specific professional goals, and broaden your horizons to new ideas and opportunities. The 6-month mentorship programme aims to improve your skills and level in all areas of cybersecurity to prepare for the next stage of your career.

    What we expect of Mentees:

    • Commit to the 6-month  programme
    • Meet with the assigned mentor in a virtual setting once a month (or more)
    • Participate in periodic surveys and programme dissemination efforts.


    Since I started the mentorship Programme and with the support of my mentor, I have been promoted to CISO!

    Given that I will now have to manage a team, I will work with my mentor to improve my leadership and soft skills.


    In this edition we are collaborating with Tech Accord.

    Cybersecurity Tech Accord Signatories actively participate by inviting their employees to join the programme. Learn more about the signatories and their commitment here.

    We are looking for companies that want to do their bit to make the field of cybersecurity more diverse. Given the huge demand from mentees to get career guidance, and the incredible benefits demonstrated in previous editions, we partner with companies to ensure that we have a wide and varied pool of mentors and that these mentors have the availability to meet once per month with their mentees.

    What we expect from companies: We expect companies to launch an internal call for volunteer mentors, by sharing the resources provided by W4C. Companies should allow their volunteer mentors to dedicate some time to their assigned mentees.

    What we offer: The company is featured on our social media channels as a mentorship partner, showcasing the company’s efforts to attract more women to the field. The company logo is displayed on the mentorship page, and othe rpromotion material, and additionally, we can share vacancies, events etc. with the participants of the programme.

    To partner with us, or learn more, get in touch at mentorship@women4cyber.eu or through the form below.

    Mentorship Partners:



    • Women or men working within the cybersecurity industry, with more than 3 years of experience in the field
    • High level of competence in one or more of the areas of expertise related to cybersecurity
    • Recognised by her/his peers as a leading expert in her/his field
    • Based in Geographical Europe, recommended due time zones
    • Excellent command of English
    • Willing to dedicate their time to helping women advance their cybersecurity career (commitment to meet at least once a month with the assigned mentee)

    More information for mentors here!


    • Open to everyone regardless of age, looking for help in their career development
    • Based in Geographical Europe
    • Excellent command of English
    • University students/Junior professionals/Senior professionals
    • Working in cybersecurity but looking to specialise
    • Not working in cybersecurity but looking for a career change
    • Single mothers, long-term unemployed, refugees, and minorities are encouraged to join! 



    • July 2024: Application for mentors/mentees open
    • September 1, 2024: Deadline for applications  
    • September 2024: Mentor and mentee pairing, selected mentors/mentees informed by email
    • September 15, 2024: First meeting and start of the 6-month mentorship.
    • November 2024: Networking event
    • February 2025: End of the Mentorship Programme

    All participants (mentors and mentees) must apply through the mentoring platform PushFar. Please be detailed about your goals.

    Applications close on September 1st, 2024.

    The Women4Cyber Team will select participants based on the criteria above and match participants based on goals and areas of expertise.



    How do you match people? 

    Matchmaking is based on available candidates and areas of interest. We pair mentees with someone in a slightly removed role from theirs, who has more experience (typically between 3-5 years more experience) and has progressed their career in a similar way to the way you indent to develop your own career.

    In order to work out who the right mentor is for a mentee, it is very important that mentees consider what their goals and objectives over the next 6-12 months are, and state them clearly in their profile when filling in the application.

    What does this relationship look like?

    You will meet regularly, at least monthly, to connect, discuss different career-related topics, update on major developments, and discuss successes, opportunities, and goals.

    Share interesting events/opportunities on an ongoing basis.
    Introduce your mentor/mentee to others in your network.
    Share interesting articles, materials, or resources on an ongoing basis.

    When will I be matched?

    Matches are performed in the weeks previous to the start of the programme, and participants are informed by email. We try to find a mentor for everyone, but it ultimately depends on availability and compatibility.

    Any more questions?

    Please email us at mentorship@women4cyber.eu

    If you or your company would like to partner with us and join our next programme, get in touch with us at mentorship@women4cyber.eu or fill in the form below.

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    With support from:

    Gen is a global company powering Digital Freedom through its consumer brands, and a Women4Cyber sponsor. Gen assists us in fostering inclusivity and empowering women in cybersecurity, fuelling our activities and initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap.

    Together, the Women4Cyber Foundation and Gen are breaking down barriers and fostering an environment where women’s significant contributions bring change to the cybersecurity field, ultimately shaping a stronger, safer digital world for all.


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