Women4Cyber Newsletter, vol 6

21 Oct 21Newsletter — Here is the sixth edition of our newsletter, have a look at our latest updates!

W4C 9th Masterclass with Despina Spanou on how to join the cybersecurity field

11 Jun 21Masterclass — On 11 June, Despina Spanou, Head of Cabinet for the Vice-President for the European Commission overseeing the European Union’s policies on security, migration and asylum, and previously Director for Cybersecurity in DG CONNECT, gave a masterclass in which she discussed her own experience in the field of cybersecurity and how to inspire those who are motivated to enter this world.

W4C 8th Masterclass with Līga Raita Rozentāle on multi-stakeholderism and cybersecurity

21 May 21Masterclass — On May 21st, Līga Raita Rozentāle, Senior Director of European Governmental Affairs at Microsoft and member of the Women4Cyber Council, gave a masterclass on multi-stakeholderism and cybersecurity in which she talked about the added value of public and private cooperation.

W4C 7th Masterclass with Valeria Faure Muntian on the correlation between cyber professions and market economy

7 May 21Masterclass — On Friday 7 May, Valeria Faure Muntian, French deputy since 2017 and member of the Women4Cyber Council, gave a masterclass on the correlation between cyber professions and market economy. 

W4C 6th Masterclass with Domitilla Benigni on Strategic Autonomy and Technological Sovereignty in Cyber Security

16 Apr 21Masterclass — On 16 April 2021, Domitilla Benigni, CEO and COO of Elettronica, President of Cy4Gate and member of the W4C Council, gave a masterclass in our monthly W4C Masterclass with a Role Model Series.

W4C 5th Masterclass with Phédra Clouner on "Life, stories, and challenges of a cybersecurity agency"

26 Mar 21Masterclass Podcast — On Friday 26 March, Phédra Clouner, Deputy Director of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium and  Founding member of Women4Cyber, gave a masterclass in our monthly W4C Masterclass with a Role Model Series.

W4C Special Masterclass with Lorena Boix Alonso in celebration of International Women's Day on "How to succeed in cybersecurity"

11 Mar 21Masterclass Podcast — On Thursday 11 March, Lorena Boix Alonso, Director for Digital Society, Trust and Cybersecurity in the Directorate-General for Communications Networks Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), gave a masterclass in celebration of International Women's Day.

Women4Cyber Newsletter, vol 5 

1 Mar 21Newsletter —  Here is the fifth edition of our newsletter, have a look at our latest updates.

W4C 4th Masterclass with Rayna Stamboliyska on "Building a career in cybersecurity: tips, tricks… and traps"

19 Feb 21Masterclass Podcast — On Friday 19 February, Rayna Stamboliyska, VP Governance & Public Affairs at YesWeHack, lecturer at Sciences Po and member of the W4C Council, gave a masterclass in our monthly W4C Masterclass with a Role Model Series.

W4C 3rd Masterclass with E. Santiago Cid on "Cyberstandards - the highest in the room"

11 Feb 21Masterclass Podcast — On Friday 22 January, Elena Santiago Cid, Director General at CEN and CENELEC  and Vice President of the Women4Cyber Foundation gave a masterclass in our monthly W4C Masterclass with a Role Model Series.

W4C 2nd Masterclass with A. Madi-Nator on "The Greatest Misconceptions about Cybersecurity"

18 Dec 20Podcast Masterclass — On 18 December, Anett Madi-Nator, President of the Women4Cyber Foundation, gave a masterclass in the W4C Masterclass with a Role Model Series. 

W4C 1st Masterclass with C. Skropke on "How to succeed in Cybersecurity without technical skills"

13 Nov 20Podcast — On Friday 13 November 2020, W4C launched its series of Masterclasses, starting the first one with Christine Skropke, Head of Public Affairs at secunet Security Networks AG

Women4Cyber Newsletter, vol 4

12 Nov 20Newsletter — Here is the fourth edition of our newsletter, have a look at our latest updates.

Women4Cyber Newsletter, vol 3

30 Jul 20Newsletter — Check out our latest updates in the third edition of our newsletter.

Radio24 Interview with Domitilla Benigni, Founding Member of Women4Cyber (In Italian)

25 Jul 20Podcast — In this interview with Radio24 (in Italian), Domitilla Benigni discusses the many opportunities existing in cybersecurity and encourages women to take the right steps towards them, mentioning that one of these steps is the Women4Cyber Registry of Experts. 

Women4Cyber & European Commission launch the Women4Cyber Registry of Experts

7 Jul 20Press release — Women4Cyber in collaboration with the European Commission's DG CNECT has launched today the Women4Cyber Registry of Experts  to identify and showcase a European community of women professionals in the field of cybersecurity.

Women4Cyber Partnering with European Security Forum 2020

30 Jun 20Partnership — The Women4Cyber Foundation is thrilled to announce its partnership with the upcoming European Security Forum (The Cybersecurity Summit) as a kick-off to its activities for Autumn 2020.

Gender inclusion in times of COVID-19

27 Apr 20Article — Who will be the key actors of our "new normal"? LinkedIn article written by Nina Hasratyan and Nina Olesen in April 2020

Women4Cyber Newsletter, vol 2

23 Mar 20Newsletter — Our second newsletter is out, a number of exciting updates to share with you! 

Blog post for Cyberwatch Finland Magazine

20 Dec 19Article — A blog post written by Nina Hyvärinen (F-Secure Corporation)  and Nina Olesen (European Cyber Security Organisation)  for Cyberwatch Finland Magazine 2019 introducing the Women4Cyber initiative and the road it has taken so far since its inception up until the creation of the Women4Cyber Foundation.

Interview with Luigi Rebuffi for CISOMag

3 Oct 19Article — Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General of both ECSO and the Women4Cyber Foundation, upon receiving the Cyber Security Nordic Award 2019 on behalf of Women4Cyber, shares his views on a gender-balanced cybersecurity field and the reason why the Women4Cyber initiative was launched.

Women4Cyber wins the 2019 Cyber Security Nordic Award

2 Oct 19Press release — The European Cyber Security Organisation’s (ECSO) Women4Cyber initiative today won the prestigious “2019 Cyber Security Nordic Award” which comes with a EUR 25,000 prize. The award was presented to Women4Cyber Council Member Nina Hyvärinen and ECSO Secretary General Luigi Rebuffi on stage at the Cyber Security Nordic 2019 conference.

Women4Cyber Newsletter, vol 1

19 Aug 19Newsletter — The Women4Cyber Foundation's very first newsletter is out with all the achievements and latest updates. 

Digital Digest Podcast with Anett Mádi-Nátor, President of W4C Foundation

8 Mar 19Podcast — In the Digital Digest podcast, Anett Mádi-Nátor discusses the role of women in cybersecurity and the Women4Cyber initiative, and how women bring a different set of skills to the cybersecurity field.