The European Cyber Security Organisation’s Women4Cyber Foundation and the European Commission (DG CNECT) today launched the Women4Cyber Registry of Experts. The Registry will identify and showcase a European community of women professionals in the field of cybersecurity.

The collaboration between Women4Cyber and the European Commission (DG CNECT) follows the adoption of the Commission’s European Skills Agenda on 1 July. The Women4Cyber Foundation welcomes the adoption of the European Skills Agenda and hopes it will facilitate the skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling of women and girls in cybersecurity.

European Commission Vice-Presidents Margaritis Schinas and Margrethe Vestager as well as Commissioner Thierry Breton formally launched the Registry in an official announcement. Executive Vice-President Vestager said:

“Cybersecurity is everyone's business. Women bring experience, perspectives and values into the development of digital solutions. It is important to both enrich the discussion and make the cyberspace more secure.”

Vice-President Schinas added:

“The cybersecurity field is suffering a massive skills shortage. This talent shortage is exacerbated by the lack of female representation in the field. The updated Skills Agenda adopted by the Commission last week aims to close such gaps. A diverse cybersecurity workforce will certainly contribute to more innovative and robust cybersecurity. The registry launched today will be a useful tool to promote women cybersecurity professionals and create a more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity ecosystem.”

Commissioner Breton said:

“Over the years we have been promoting various successful initiatives aimed at increasing training in digital skills, notably in the cybersecurity field. Every cyber team needs to combine various skills combining data science, analytics and communication. The registry is a tool aimed at achieving better gender balance in the cybersecurity workforce.”

The Women4Cyber Registry of Experts gathers women of different profiles and can serve as a reference point for expert groups, event organisers and media, as well as for collaboration and business opportunities. The aim of the Registry is to encourage women professionals to come forward, become more active in the field and raise their own visibility in cybersecurity, as well as promote Women4Cyber initiatives. Women experts in cybersecurity are invited to create a profile on the Women4Cyber Registry of Experts here. A manual can be found here to facilitate registration.

The Women4Cyber Mari Kert - Saint Aubyn Foundation was founded by the European Cyber Security Organisation and Guardtime in 2019. It is a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting, encouraging, and supporting the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity.