Recognition Award



Cybersecurity companies with at least 30% of women in the workforce and/or committed to increasing the number of women and reaching gender equality can apply for the W4C Recognition Award. This award acknowledges efforts in enhancing gender diversity among cybersecurity experts while fostering an unbiased hiring process, pay equity, and other measures.

Along with public recognition, the award comes with customised support and strategies to further the journey toward gender equality.


Companies, both privately and publicly held, including foreign-based ones, are invited to participate in the program, provided they maintain at least one office in a European country.

Award Criteria:

1. Increase in Gender Diversity: Companies will be evaluated based on their demonstrated progress in enhancing gender diversity over the years.

2. Unbiased Hiring and Pay Equity: Emphasis will be placed on practices that reflect unbiased hiring processes, and promote pay equity within the company.

3. Transparency and Accountability: Companies should exhibit transparency in their diversity initiatives and hold themselves accountable for their goals.

4.Tailored Programs: The effectiveness of tailored programs aimed at fostering gender diversity and inclusivity will also be considered.


  • The application process will conclude on October 2nd.
  • The recipient of the award will be publicly announced on October 15th.
  • The award ceremony will take place during the W4C Annual Conference. This year’s conference is scheduled to be held in Madrid in November.


  • One interview article to be shared on the W4C website and social media
  • One year free illimited display of the company’s offered training and vacancies on the Road2Cyber Platform
  • Speaking slot at the Cybersecurity Conference organised by Women4Cyber, 2 -3 October, The Hague
  • One year professional membership on Cyberhive, the marketplace for European cybersecurity solutions


Interested companies can submit their applications by following the link provided here.


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