Women4Cyber is an initiative that aims to help fill the gender gap of cybersecurity professionals in Europe. In pursuing this objective, our main goal is to encourage and promote the skilling, up-skilling, and re-skilling of girls and women towards cybersecurity education and professions. 

The Women4Cyber Charter of Objectives is the guiding document of the initiative, with each objective further detailed in the Roadmap of Actions

If you are interested in our cause / activities and want to contribute, here are a few things what you can do: 

Donate to the Foundation
Create your national Chapter
Join our Registry of Experts
Contribute to our Work

WORKSTREAM 1: Creating awareness, promoting best practices and visible Role Models

Are you a woman working in cybersecurity? Share your story and send us your answers to the following questions:

  • What is your current position and how does it relate to cybersecurity?
  • What is your career path and how did you end up in the cybersecurity field?
  • What would be your main advice to girls/women wanting to work in cyber?
You might be included in our Role Model campaign! #SpotlightW4C

As part of this Workstream, Women4Cyber in collaboration with the European Commission's DG CNECT launched the Women4Cyber Registry of Experts in July 2020 to identify and showcase a European community of women professionals in the field of cybersecurity. The Women4Cyber Registry of Experts gathers women of different profiles and can serve as a reference point for expert groups, event organisers and media, as well as for collaboration and business opportunities.
Are you a woman working in cybersecurity in Europe? Join the Registry today!

WORKSTREAM 2: Promoting tailored training programs in cybersecurity

Get in touch if you are involved with in-company internships, traineeships, and mentoring programs, or if you want to organise job fairs or dedicated bootcamps to advertise about jobs in cybersecurity


WORKSTREAM 3: Enhancing the presence of women on the cybersecurity job market

Calling all HR representatives! Women4Cyber wants to work with you to better understand job market needs and current profiles of female job seekers in cybersecurity. We’ll also support you in fine-tuning job advertisements to reflect the needed skills & competencies for a particular position.


WORKSTREAM 4: Increasing the presence of women in cybersecurity Research & Innovation (R&I) and in the field of emerging technologies

Let’s make sure that young girls and women are represented in cybersecurity challenges across Europe. Women4Cyber will support the organisation of cyber challenges & exercises in the Member States and at EU level (incl. starting with young people well before the university level)

WORKSTREAM 5: Supporting and shaping policies at EU and national levels that are in line with Women4Cyber’s messages

Women4Cyber will actively support any gender-inclusive policy at EU or national level which reflects the principles of our initiative and promotes equality and employment growth. 

WORKSTREAM 6: Establishing and coordinating international and national partnerships

Do you want to mobilise the community in your own country or leverage on existing activities at local / national / regional level? 

Contact us and we’ll help you build your national Women4Cyber chapter!

Women4Cyber chapters in the pipeline: W4C France, W4C Netherlands, W4C Finland, W4C Albania, and W4C Asia-Pacific