As part of the role model campaign we are creating a book to highlight women in the field of cybersecurity in Europe.

It is no secret that the cybersecurity industry lacks female representation at all levels. In Europe women make up just 7% of the industry. That is why one of our objectives is to create awareness, to promote best practices and visible Role Models. 

By showcasing and highlighting 100 women and their achievements, we also hope to inspire more women to join the field.

Applications via Women4Cyber website are open and 100 women will be chosen in January by an esteemed panel of experts. You can nominate yourself or nominate someone else (or both).

Who can apply?

A female working within the cybersecurity industry, with more than 5 years of experience in the field.

This award is open to all women, regardless of age, but nominees must be working or active in Europe.

The individual can come from the public, private, or academic sector

Selection criteria

The jury of experts (composed by the Women4Cyber Foundation Administration Body members) will select the 100 women to appear in the book based on the following criteria:

  • The individual demonstrates a high level of competence within her role
  • The individual has significantly contributed to the enhancement of the European cybersecurity ecosystem / research area / policy field / market
  • The individual is recognised by her peers as a leading expert in her field
  • The individual’s submission (answer to the 6 questions to appear in the profile) provides insightful responses and advice for young girls and women wanting to enter a career in cybersecurity
  • The individual shows active participation in cybersecurity community initiatives (substantiated by examples)
  • The individual regularly contributes through more than one channel (i.e. conferences, publications such as books or articles)

The jury will endeavour to ensure a balanced representation of public, private, and academic experts in their final selection.

How to apply:

Please fill out the form below with your/her information and answer the six questions if you are nominating yourself. Your answers will be showcased in the book if you are selected!

Email again:

Please answer the next three questions if you are nominating someone else, not yourself!
(less than 200 words per answer, please)

Please answer the next six questions only if you are nominating yourself! (less than 200 words per answer, please)