Mentorship leads to career success

The Women4Cyber Mentorship programme is designed to help women improve their skills and advance their cybersecurity careers at all levels. Mentors provide personal and professional guidance, share their experiences, and help mentees identify and achieve career goals.

The programme will have a duration of 6 months, starting in May 2022. It will be held online through a mentoring platform and in English. 

The programme will be held in collaboration with industry partners. The partnering entities will provide volunteer mentors (women and men of all levels) to the W4C programme. (The companies involved will be disclosed when the application opens). 

The mentors coming from the different entities will provide personal and professional guidance, share their experiences, and help mentees identify and achieve their career goals.

Mentees will be selected by the W4C Secretariat after completing an online application process, and each mentee will be assigned to a mentor based on their experience and career goals.


Whoever and wherever you are in your cybersecurity career, the Women4Cyber ​​community is here to support you as you move forward. We are all lifelong learners and engaging in a genuine mentoring relationship can only help you hone your professional development skills, stay focused on specific professional goals, and broaden your horizons to new ideas and opportunities. The 6-month mentorship program aims to improve your skills and level in all areas of cybersecurity to prepare for the next stage of your career.


What we expect of mentees: Commit to the 6-month mentor / mentee programme, meet with an assigned mentor once a month (or more), participate with materials / resources provided by the mentor before each meeting, participate in surveys and programme dissemination efforts.


  • Open to everyone regardless of age, looking for help in their career development  
  • Based in (geographical) Europe
  • Excellent command of English
   - University students  / Junior professionals / Senior professionals
     and / or
   - Working in cybersecurity but looking to specialise
      and / or
   - Not working in cybersecurity but looking for a career change 


Mentees must apply through the mentoring platform PushFar. The deadline will be April 30: 


If you or your company would like to partner with us and join our programme, get in touch with  us at

More info for mentors here!


How do you match people?

Matchmaking will be based on available candidates and areas of interest. We will pair you with someone in a slightly removed role from yours, who has more experience (typically between 3-5 years more experience) and has progressed their career in a similar way to the way you wish to develop your own career.

In order to work out who the right mentor is for you, it is very important that you consider what your goals and objectives over the next 6-12 months are, and state them clearly in your profile when filling in the application.


What does this relationship look like?

You will meet regularly, at least monthly, to connect, discuss different career-related topics,    update on major developments, and discuss successes, opportunities, and goals.

Share interesting events/opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Introduce your mentor/mentee to others in your network.

Share interesting articles, materials, or resources on an ongoing basis.


When will I be matched?

Matches will be made in April and early May, and participants will be informed by email. We hope to find a mentor for everyone, but it will depend on availability and compatibility.


  • April 2022: Application for mentors/mentees open
  • April 30: Deadline
  • May 2022: Selected mentors/mentees informed by email
  • May 2022: First organisational meeting and start of the 6-month mentorship.

Any more questions?

Please email us at