We are looking for mentees!

Join us on 13 February 2024 at 17:00 CET for a speed mentoring session for cybersecurity junior professionals in collaboration with Gen

Are you a junior professional working in cybersecurity? Gen and Women4Cyber invite you to join our dedicated speed mentoring session by choosing one or more of the areas of interest and filling the form below:


Mentors and mentees will be matched in break-out rooms for a 12-minute mentoring conversation. Each participant will have 5 conversations during the time event. 


  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC): involves policies, procedures, and standards organizations use to manage their information security risks and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. It includes topics such as risk management, regulatory compliance, security audits, and security awareness and training. 
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: involves gathering, analysing, and sharing information about emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities. It includes topics such as threat modelling, threat intelligence sharing, and incident response planning. 
  • Cybersecurity Operations: focuses on detecting, investigating, and responding to cybersecurity incidents. It includes topics such as security operations centres, incident response teams, and digital forensics. 
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): covers the processes and technologies used to manage user access to systems, applications, and data. It includes topics such as user authentication, authorization, and identity governance. 
  • Network Security: involves securing computer networks against unauthorized access, attacks, and data breaches. It includes topics such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and virtual private networks. 
  • Application Security: focuses on securing software applications from potential security threats, such as SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, and other types of vulnerabilities. It includes topics such as secure coding practices, penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning. 
  • Cybersecurity Law and Ethics: covers the legal and ethical considerations of cybersecurity. It includes topics such as privacy laws, intellectual property laws, cybercrime laws, and ethical hacking. 
  • Secure Product Development: covers the process of building security into software and hardware products from the outset, rather than bolting it on as an afterthought. It includes topics such as threat modelling, secure coding practices, security testing methodologies, and risk assessments. Secure product development is particularly important in today’s interconnected world, where many products are networked or rely on third-party services that may introduce new security risks. 



1. You will be contacted to inform you whether you were selected or you were placed on the waiting list. We will send you an iCalendar to add to your agenda

2. We will ask you to confirm your attendance a few days before the session. If you are not able to join we will assign your spot to someone else from the waiting list

3. You will receive the link to join the speed mentoring session the day before the session

4. Prepare some questions for the mentors concerning your chosen area(s) of interest!

About Gen

Gen is a global company powering Digital Freedom through its consumer brands, and a Women4Cyber sponsor. Gen assists us in fostering inclusivity and empowering women in cybersecurity, fuelling our activities and initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap.

Gen continues its support for the Women4Cyber Foundation not only financially, but also through collaborations. These include access to mentorship by Gen employees, product donation for the Women4Cyber community, and ongoing guidance and support on our projects.

Together, the Women4Cyber Foundation and Gen are breaking down barriers and fostering an environment where women’s significant contributions bring change to the cybersecurity field, ultimately shaping a stronger, safer digital world for all.


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