CyberAgent is an Erasmus+ Project whose mission is to empower SME employees, especially women, with sustainable cyber security and entrepreneurial skills.

CyberAgent aims to inspire and upskill them to become Cyber Security Change Agents, increasing gender diversity in the IT sector.

The project fosters collaboration among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, and SMEs to share cybersecurity best practices, aiming to enhance employability, cyber resilience, and organisational cybersecurity culture.


The primary objective of the CyberAgent project is to upskill SME employees, particularly women, to become Cyber Security Change Agents within their organisations. This means equipping them with the skills and knowledge to drive positive changes in SME cybersecurity.

Specific targets:

  • Develop up-to-date training modules, including technical, analytical, risk management, and organisational skills, spanning across HEIs and VETs. These modules will be accessible on an online platform, accommodating blended learning approaches.
  • Pilot project results with a minimum of 80 participants, including at least 30 women, from 8 countries, with the participation of 24 VET trainers and 10 HEI teachers.
  • Make project results freely accessible to all, both during and after project completion. Within three years post-project, offer training courses to an additional 800 SME workers in 100 SMEs within partner countries.
  • Use the English versions for dissemination in other European countries, expanding the localisation base.


In response to the European Green Deal’s call for a sustainable, digital Europe, CyberAgent steps in to fortify the backbone of the European economy—SMEs. With over 90% of businesses being SMEs, they are essential yet vulnerable to cyber threats.

CyberAgent’s mission is clear: empower these businesses by transforming their employees into ‘SMEs’ Cybersecurity Change Agents’. By integrating technical, analytical, and soft skills, CyberAgent not only addresses the skills gap but also fosters a diverse, resilient digital workforce. In the face of rising cyber challenges, CyberAgent stands as a vital initiative, safeguarding SMEs and nurturing a future-ready European economy.


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