During her masterclass, our President Anett Madi-Nator revealed the most commonly believed misconceptions about cybersecurity and the people who work in this field.

Originally a historian and professor, Anett described her career path toward cybersecurity, highlighting that she, like many people working in the industry, has no STEM experience. She confirmed that having STEM experience is necessary only for technical positions, but not for operational or strategic positions. She joined the field fortuitously when she was hired by a service provider for the Hungarian military, from where she developed her interest in cybersecurity.

"Can you solve all problems related to cybersecurity with technical solutions?"

 No, you cannot. This is where cybersecurity experts come into the picture because no matter how many hardware and software devices you put together to create protection and enhance your digital security, for decades to come, the human being will remain the most important when it comes to making strategic decisions and also when it comes to governing over technology.

This was among the many other topics tackled by Anett when discussing the biggest misconceptions about cybersecurity. Her presentation was followed by an exchange with the participants that included questions on how to change these incorrect assessments and tips for working in the field.

You can watch the full masterclass and the exchange, more advice and recommendations following this link