Elena Santiago Cid is the Director-General of both CEN and CENELEC, two of the three recognised European Standardisation Organisations. Through a network of stakeholders, CEN and CENELEC create consensus-based standards in order to generate trust, fulfil market requirements, enable market access and enhance innovation for a better, safer and more sustainable Europe.  Elena is responsible for the overall functioning of both organisations, their financial, legal, and regulatory responsibilities, and for maintaining the central position of the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre in the European Standardisation System.

During her Masterclass, Elena offered an overview of the diverse world of standardisation and emphasized the value European Standards bring to cybersecurity. The interactive masterclass started with a poll, testing the knowledge of the participants, and it continued with Elena explaining the benefits of having European Standards.


“Standards are invisible, we cannot see them, but we enjoy their benefits every day”


Some of the topics we learned about were:

  • Why we need European Standards
  • How they are elaborated
  • Who initiates and develops standards
  • Cyber standards in practice
  • Job profile of standard-makers
  • Career prospects in Standardization for Cybersecurity
And so much more! 

Elena's presentation was followed by a Q&A session in which issues such as current challenges for standardisation, research and innovation, and the new EU strategy for cybersecurity were discussed.

You can watch the full masterclass to listen to the complete exchange and for more advice and recommendations following this link