During our 6th Masterclass, Domitilla talked about the role of strategic autonomy and technological sovereignty in Europe from an industrial point of view.

She then addressed the Gaia X project which aims to create the next generation EU Cloud for infrastructure and services.

She explained how the development of new technologies comes with the increase of new vulnerabilities such as cyber-attacks, hybrid war and disinformation campaigns and how the industry could play a key role in facing these challenges.

Finally, she focused on the importance of education, training, and inclusion of women to remove gender-biased barriers and encourage them to approach STEM disciplines. In fact, Domitilla believes that women could bring soft skills to the tech sector that could help to reach strategic autonomy.

Her presentation was followed by an exchange with the participants that included questions on how women are seen in the technological field and the equilibrium they can bring in the work environment.

You can watch the full masterclass at this link.