Ways to Give

You can support the Women4Cyber Foundation through in-kind and/or financial donations.

The Foundation will accept donations from all interested parties to foster a more gender-inclusive European cybersecurity community.

Every contribution counts!

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Recurrent donations:


The Women4Cyber Foundation accepts different types of donations:

  • Financial donations. The Foundation accepts donations from legal entities as well as private individuals. The different categories and benefits associated to them are listed in the document  below.
  • In-kind donations. The Foundation accepts in-kind donations to provide real and practical opportunities to women interested in the field of cybersecurity. These in-kind contributions may come in different forms (online courses, training opportunities, access to events and conferences, etc.).

In exchange, a set of advantages are given by the Foundation to the donors, based on a donation threshold.

For company financial or in-kind donations you can contact us through the form at the top of this page, or sending an email to hello@women4cyber.eu . We will be glad to let you know more about how you can to contribute to a more diverse cybersecurity field.

For more information check the Donation Scheme Document